11 ways you fail as a husband

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On 16 June 2017 saa 08:02
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It’s not enough to call yourself a husband; being a husband comes with a lot of responsibilities, and your ability or inability to play this role well is what will lead to the success or failure of the relationship.

It’s not enough to get married and bear the title of a husband, these roles are very important and if you fail in the roles mentioned below, you might be failing as a husband.

1. Not taking care of your wife

A husband ought to take care of his wife, and any husband who fails in doing so is blatantly failing in his role. If you don’t take care of her, who should? This is the foundation of where being a good husband starts from.

2. Not giving her enough attention

A woman feeds off attention, and the number person she needs attention from is her husband. If you can’t give that woman attention, then you shouldn’t marry her, because you fail as a man when you don’t give your wife attention.

3. Being too busy for her

Bills must be paid and work must be done; they are very important. But in all, your wife should be part of your life no matter how busy your schedule is. Of course, she’d understand when she knows you’re working hard for the family, but this will only happen when you put her in the picture. A message, a call, spending time with her when you can, showing her that you care and telling her everything, is a good way to do this. When you succeed in doing this, she’d be a more understanding wife.

4. Not listening to her

Your wife is your companion, and if you don’t talk to your companion, I wonder who you’ll talk to. Tell that woman everything she needs to know and don’t stop at that — listen to her too. Any man who doesn’t listen to his wife is failing as a husband.

5. Not making her feel important

Your wife ought to feel loved and cherished; you should make her feel important and you should treat her like you value her. If you fail in doing these, then you are failing as a husband.

6.You tend to make her sad

A lot of women cry day and night and feel sad because of the kind of treatment they get from their husbands; if you are among the men who make their women sad, then you are failing in your role as a husband.

7. You disrespect her voice and her body

A woman has a voice and a say in the marriage, but a lot of men tend to disrespect that; they feel being a man is all about respect and authority. Disrespecting your woman’s voice just highlights your failure as a man, and those who go as far as hitting their women and doing all manner of things to their women’s body don’t even deserve that woman in the first place.

7. Priority

When you married her, you swore to make her a priority. Those vows you say during marriage are more than just words, and when you go against those vows, it simply implies you are are not a man of your words. A good husband makes his wife a priority.

8. Making her feel alone

One terrible experience most women suffer in their marriage is a feeling of isolation. Some men choose to get bored of the marriage and abandon the emotional needs of the woman. Making your woman feel miserable doesn’t in any way make you a good husband.

9. You cheat

I’m sure you saw this coming, didn’t you? But it’s the truth. Cheating on your wife is an unfair thing to do; it’s against the vows you swore, it’s against the promises you made and it’s an act of wickedness.

10. Not apologizing

A man who doesn’t apologise when he’s sorry is taking the marriage to doom, and this is what a lot of men do. Apologising doesn’t make you weak, rather it showcases your strength as a man. It won’t take anything from your marriage, rather it’ll solidify it. If you do something wrong, never fail to apologise for it.

11. Not getting close enough to her

Your wife should be your best buddy; if there’s anyone that you should rely on, trust and be dedicated to — it’s your wife. You ought to spend time with her and understand her needs as a wife and a woman. She should be your everything and you should know everything about her. You fail as a husband if you don’t get close enough to your wife.

Have you been failing as a husband?