15 important relationship rules you should never ignore

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On 21 November 2016 saa 12:28
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There are different relationship rules and a countless number everywhere that it’s become a cliché. However, there are some relationship rules that are too important to ignore, and when ignored, you only put your relationship at risk of getting ruined.

These relationship rules below should be taken seriously:

1. Don’t shy away from having those tough discussions

There might be some concerns you have about your relationship, or some tough situations that seriously need to be talked about; avoiding these discussions because they are tough situations wouldn’t help your relationship.

When those tough situations that should be discussed pile up without addressing them, your relationship might suffer from it.

2. Don’t expect perfection

You shouldn’t expect your partner to be perfect in everything, or every aspect of your relationship to be perfect. Sometimes, learn to accept those imperfections. It’s okay to work on those situations you deem make your relationship imperfect, but expecting perfection might really be too extreme.

3. Revenge would never help

It’s a relationship, not a competition or battlefield. Revenge is terrible and shouldn’t be given a space in your relationship; anytime you revenge on your partner, you take your relationship two steps backward.

4. Learn to fight the healthy way

It’s okay if you and your partner have a quarrel or misunderstanding; it’s absolutely normal. However, there is a healthy way to fight. When you and your partner resort to name calling, abuses and insults then it’s unhealthy. Learn to argue without insulting each other; this always hurts and leave scars on the relationship.

5. Be trustworthy

Trust is very important for your relationship and the only way you can build trust is by being trustworthy. When you display acts that could kill the trust between you and your partner, you make it harder for your partner to trust you.

Try to be that trustworthy partner if you want to build a good relationship.

6. Practice whatever works for your relationship

There are some things which are just unique to your relationship, which no one else can understand; those little or even silly things that make you and your partner happy and bond better. Every relationship is unique in their own way; so never let go of those things which work for you and your partner.

7. Appreciating your partner, complimenting each other, learning to say sorry and thank you and forgiving each other should never ever be taken for granted. They might seem so little, but they work wonders.

8. Never take each other’s feelings for granted. Feelings are important, and every relationship revolves around feelings. Never take each other’s feelings to mean nothing.

9. Communication

Communication should never be taken for granted. Couples who take communication seriously definitely have understanding relationships compared to couples who don’t. Learn to communicate with your partner and find proper ways to communicate how you both feel.

10. Never keep scores. Never hold grudges.

11. Selfishness shouldn’t be given a room in your relationship. Never be that selfish partner; try to stop thinking about yourself alone and sometimes think from your partner’s perspective.

12. Learn from your mistakes; it’s unfair to your partner if you keep making the same mistakes over again.

Never shy away from criticisms too; they would make you better and better your relationship.

13. When those tough situations come, learn to create a shoulder for each other to lean on.

14. Your relationship wouldn’t just grow on its own. Love each other, go out on lots of dates, give each other gifts frequently and try to keep the romance department burning.

15. Spontaneity creates a different magic in your relationship. Try to be spontaneous; don’t wait until it’s Valentine or your partner’s birthday before you do something special for your partner; surprise each other regularly and watch your relationship get better for it.

If you want a better relationship with your partner then these rules should never be ignored.