15 things men do that turn women off

Published by Elcrema
On 4 October 2016 saa 01:10
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Guys, you might not enjoy reading this but going through this list and applying changes where necessary will definitely help your relationship.

Below are 15 things men do that turn women off

1. You wear dirty or ill-fitting clothes. Your appearance matters a lot to ladies.

2. You always want it your way.

3. You only think about your satisfaction during sex.

4. You are always late. When you do this regularly, you make her think that you don’t care.

5. You let your friends look down on her and you do nothing about it.

6. You constantly interrupt her when she’s talking. Women hate it when you make them feel like they don’t have the right to express their opinion.

7. You compare her to other women.

8. You assume all women are the same.

9. You have body odour and don’t use deodorant.

10. You don’t listen to her when she talks.

11. You have bad shoes. Women take keen interest in shoes and she wants her man to wear good shoes.

12. You are rude to people.

13. You have long, dirty or unkempt fingernails. The most annoying part of it is when you try to put those dirty fingers in her privates.

14. You don’t tell her you love her.

15. You never buy her gifts.