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17 simple relationship rules that will improve your relationship instantly
Published on 24-08-2016 - at 01:25' by Elcrema

Falling in love is easy but the hard work is staying in love. Just like every other thing in life, creating a better relationship with your spouse is based on a few rules.

1. No relationship is alike. Stop comparing your relationship to that of others or your previous relationships.

2. Your partner needs you. Always ensure you regularly spend quality time with your partner.

3. Always surprise your partner with gifts. Don’t wait for special occasions or moments to get your partner gifts.

4. Respect your partner. Avoid doing things that belittle your partner.

5. Never speak bad of your partner to others no matter how angry you are.

6. Learn to forgive without holding grudges. You can’t claim to love someone if you aren’t willing to forgive them.

7. Always compliment your partner’s efforts no matter how small it may be.



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