18 promises you should make and keep if you want a solid relationship

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On 22 February 2017 saa 11:47
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There are certain promises you should make to your partner and also keep if you want a solid relationship.

Check them out below

1. Promise to always tell your partner the truth.

2. Promise to love and support your partner always.

3. Promise not to look for who to blame when something goes wrong but instead try to fix it.

4. Promise not to be a controlling partner.

5. Promise your partner that he or she will always come first.

6. Promise to continually put effort into making your relationship work.

7. Promise to spend quality time regularly with your partner.

8. Promise to never threaten your partner.

9. Promise to make your partner feel safe and comfortable always.

10. Promise to always cherish your relationship.

11. Promise to always have regular date nights with your partner.

12. Promise to accept all of your partner.

13. Promise to always listen to what your partner has to say.

14. Promise to be gentle with your partner.

15. Promise to give your partner full access to your heart.

16. Promise to be open about your sex life to your partner.

17. Promise to be there for your partner when your partner is hurting.

18. Promise to always love your partner no matter what happens.