19 things most men don’t know about a woman’s mind ,thoughts and body

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 21 October 2016 saa 12:56
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Women do things differently from men; they think differently, act differently and their bodies respond differently from a man’s own.

Men most don’t really understand women because they don’t understand a woman’s mindset, her body and her behavioural/thought pattern.

These are some things men don’t know about a woman, that they should.

1. To a lot of women, their friend’s thoughts about you really matter. If they’re impressed with you, she’d value you more.

2. While men might need time to experience orgasms, a woman could experience multiple orgasms. Although, over 70% of women have never experienced orgasm from normal penetration, clitoral stimulation will easily guide her home.

3. Women tend to bring things a lot from the past. The reason for this is that a woman’s brain have been shown to have greater memory recall than a man’s.

4. Women kind of love it when men are jealous; it gives them the belief that you care and are protective towards them. They feel awkward when you don’t feel jealous towards them.

5. Women also stalk their ex on social media, and most times it’s not really that they want you back, but they want to satisfy their curiosity.

6. While men tend to seek youth and attractiveness, evolutionists claim that women go for a man’s attractiveness and resources.

7. Women are attracted to men who smell good; they perceive men like these as attractive.

8. Surprisingly, the only job of a clitoris in a woman’s body is to bring her pleasure. It has no other major role.

9. When she finds you mysterious, she’d be more attracted to you.

10. While women tend to like nice guys, they aren’t really attracted to them to have a relationship with them. Women prefer men with ego and confidence.

11. Most times she wants to look good for you, whether you know this or not, that’s why it’s always important to pay her a compliment.

12. She wants you to be thoughtful when you give her gifts.

13. She definitely wants to be seen as hot and beautiful by your friends, that’s why she sometimes dresses in a sexy way when they are around. Not that she wants to cheat on you, but she loves the idea of being seen as hot.

14. She wants you to tell her that she’s cuter than your exes and that you have something more for her than you did for them.

15. She loves to dress up in front of you and want you to see it as sexy.

16. Studies say that while men listen with the left side of their brain, women listen with both sides. This probably explains why they hear both the things you say and the things they feel you imply.

17. Women experience more orgasms when they clock 40 than when they are below 40. This is probably because a woman’s clitoris grows all through her lifetime, and by menopause age, it becomes about 3 times as large as when she was a teenager.

18. A woman’s egg is fertile between 24 and 48 hours, and sperm can live between 2 to 5 days in a woman’s body.

19. Research say the attractiveness of a child is heavily dependent on what the mother eats during pregnancy. So if you want an attractive child with her, you know what to do.

So fellas, now you can understand your woman better.