20 foolish things you shouldn’t do to someone you love

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On 15 October 2016 saa 04:18
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It’s surprising how one can be in love and still do certain things to jeopardise their relationship or create a gap for negativity to breed.

If you look at certain things people do in a relationship critically, you’d truly see how foolish their actions are and how much it would hurt the relationship.

What are some of those foolish things?

1. Never mock or berate your partner just to make yourself feel better. Never mock your partner for any reason at all.

2. Never hold your emotions or be emotionally unavailable to your partner.

3. Never instigate jealousy for whatsoever reason; it might impact your relationship negatively.

4. Never force your partner to be who/what they aren’t.

5. Never try to deceive your partner. You are only deceiving yourself to be in a deceitful relationship.

6. Never take your partner for granted.

7. Never compare your partner to another person.

8. Don’t put your partner in second place; your partner should be a priority to you.

9. Don’t fail to appreciate your partner for whatever they do for you, no matter how little.

10. Never let pride come in-between how you feel about that person.

11. Never feel that you are doing your partner a favour by having a relationship with them.

12. Never be hardhearted towards your partner.

13. Words hurt. Never use harsh words on your partner.

14. Never be the partner to cause unnecessary drama or problems in the relationship.

15. Never be self-centered or think about yourself in the relationship.

16. Never cheat on your partner.

17. Your friends should be important to you, but never make your partner feel less than them.

18. Never make your partner beg you for your love.

19. Never be insensitive to your partner’s feelings.

20. Never hold grudges, keep scores and bring up the past.

These 20 things might seem petty, but the negative effects they have on the relationship can bring down your relationship in no time.

If you’ve been guilty of these, you need to rearrange your ways, because you’ve just been doing some foolish things in your relationship and to your partner.