3 key things people’s negativity can do to you

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On 2 May 2017 saa 08:52
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Just as positivity comes with its own energy, negativity comes with its energy as well, and a negative energy can do a lot of negative things to you.

When you let people with negative energy into your life, these are some of the things you are likely to suffer.

1. You’ll feel drained

A conversation with a negative minded person can suck the life out of you in less than an hour. For example, you have a conversation with a friend who always has something terrible to say about her marriage and never says anything positive – a 30 minute conversation with her will leave you drained mentally and emotionally.

2. You can’t be with them and be happy

While a positive conversation will make you happy, a negative conversation will make you unhappy. You can’t be deep into a negative conversation and be happy. So being with a negative minded person will kill your happiness if you give them the chance.

3. You might begin to lose your positivity

Before you know it, their negative energy will override your positive energy and you’ll start to complain, murmur and be bitter about life. It might not happen instantly, but little by little you will start having reasons to be unhappy, and you will stop seeing reasons to be grateful.

You have to be careful about the negative energy that comes close to you; it can affect you in many ways and the worst part of it is that it’ll ruin the positivity in your life.