3 tech habits that inspire trust

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 1 February 2017 saa 01:01
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Technology has helped relationships; it has enhanced communication and has helped keep couples together no matter the distance. But then, it has also made cheating and unfaithfulness easily accessible, and has also created a sense of jealousy, competition and rivalry among couples.

Once jealousy and rivalry starts to enter a relationship, then that relationship is close to facing doom. These habits can help inspire trust in your relationship.

1. Sharing each other’s passwords

Sharing each other’s passwords across various social media platforms creates this sense of trust and honesty. It passes a message that you both have nothing to hide, and you’re true to each other.

2. Posting on each other’s walls

Sharing items on each other’s walls helps create a sense of acknowledgement that will pass a message that you are both happy and satisfied with the relationship. This habit will also inspire trust.

3. Updating your relationship status

Updating your relationship status from single to “in a relationship”, and tagging your partner, will help create a sense of acknowledgement and pride, and will help inspire trust, in that you aren’t ashamed to tell the world that you are hooked up.

Social media and tech can in many ways inspire jealousy and suspicions, but these habits will help breed trust.