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37 things that make a man classy...as revealed by women
Published on 28-08-2016 - at 00:45' by Elcrema

Every man wants to be classy but what really makes a man classy?

To help all men around the world understand what it means to be classy, a survey of 2,000 women was commissioned by fashion label Peter Hahn.

Below are 37 things that make a man classy

1. A classy man says please and thank you.

2. A classy man is well-read.

3. A classy man has good table manners.

4. A classy man doesn’t swear.

5. A classy man knows what cutlery to use.

6. A classy man is discreet.

7. A classy man doesn’t start eating a meal until everyone else at the table has theirs.

8. A classy man holds doors open.

9. A classy man never drinks directly from the bottle.

10. A classy man doesn’t use text speak.

11. A classy man avoids emotional Facebook or Twitter rants.

12. A classy man gives up a seat on public transport for someone else.

13. A classy man is able to speak more than one language.

14. A classy man has great posture.

15. A classy man doesn’t gossip.

16. A classy man brings gifts for hosts when attending events.

17. A classy man only gives compliments when he actually means it.

18. A classy man doesn’t get drunk.

19. A classy man knows the correct way to pour a bottle of wine.

20. A classy man places a napkin on lap when eating.

21. A classy man doesn’t discuss money or how much things cost.

22. A classy man knows more than two types of wine.

23. A classy man knows the correct way to hold a wine glass.

24. A classy man pays the bill.

25. A classy man is a good listener.

26. A classy man doesn’t watch reality TV.

27. A classy man isn’t easily flustered.

28. A classy man owns a timeless pair of shoes.

29. A classy man is up to date with current affairs.

30. A classy man has good culinary knowledge.

31. A classy man doesn’t get into arguments.

32. A classy man never borrows money from friends.

33. A classy man never forgets a meeting.

34. A classy man doesn’t fill the wine glass to the top.

35. A classy man rarely eats takeaways.

36. A classy man is a generous tipper.

37. A classy man is never caught running for the bus or train.

Do you agree with the women’s definition of a classy man?



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