4 misconceptions about love and women that need to change

Published by Elcrema
On 13 August 2016 saa 12:08
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We all have certain views about certain things, which are sometimes, influenced by our environment and upbringing. Some of these views are healthy, while others are just wrong and plain unacceptable for both the society and our lives. For the purpose of this post, we’re taking a look at some of those things that we consider ‘ok’, but are not.

1. The idea that you can gain a woman’s respect by hitting her

I have come across a number of men who acknowledge that hitting a woman is bad, yet they think it’s necessary if you truly want to be respected by women, and that is just contradictory if you asked me; there’s nothing good in anything bad – if it’s bad, it’s bad. Hitting a woman is wrong, and cannot be justified in any way. Hitting a woman makes you a weak person, and shows you lack respect for her. You can’t even gain respect by hitting a woman, all you’ll get from them is fear and hate. Fear isn’t respect, someone can fear you, yet have no respect for you. Fear and hate/dislike go hand in hand, while love and respect go hand in hand. You can win a woman’s respect by simply living up to your responsibilities as a man, and being the perfect gentleman.

2. Niceness doesn’t guarantee you ’the spot’ in her heart

There’s a saying that ‘nice guys finish last’, and while this is ridiculously true, I’d like to explain it better, so we don’t get it confused. Being nice is a good thing, because it’ll open doors for you, and help you build great relationships. It’s like laying up treasure, in the long (and sometimes, short) run, it’ll pay. Niceness however, is not always the key to a lady’s heart if you’re seeking a relationship. I’m not saying, be bad or rude, I’m just saying that for most women, being nice doesn’t do the trick. A woman’s head is wired in a complex manner, and what works for her is not what works for the average man. You can be the nicest person in the world to her, and she’d be attracted to the other guy who makes her laugh. So you have to be more than nice. Find what works for her, and use it to your advantage.

3. It’s not enough to be good-looking

So you think because you’re very handsome and dress good, you can land the woman of your dreams? It doesn’t work that way. To get the dream woman, you got to be the dream man. You must have the right attitude, personality, and character. You must be the rare kind of man to get the rare kind of woman. That’s all it takes, bruh. You don’t even have to be physically good-looking, the most important part is having a good-looking personality; if you have that, you can land the best woman.

4. True love is not for sale

There are lots of men out there that think money can get just about anything you want in life, but while that belief is true for most things we know of, it’s NOT true when it comes to true love. If a woman who ordinarily wouldn’t say yes to you, does so because you splashed the cash, know this, that yes will only be for as long as you have the cash to splash or you are the highest spender; the moment it runs dry, she’ll run off to someone else. Women who date for money oftentimes, have someone else to whom their heart truly belongs to. If you ask a woman out, and her answer is a strong NO, do not push her with cash, move on, and wait for another.

I hope you have learned one or two things from this interesting post. Don’t forget to share with your friends and family.