4 reasons being late is a habit you must overcome

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 15 January 2017 saa 03:04
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A lot of people have made lateness a permanent habit in their lives; they are late to church, late for every appointment, late for every function, and just about everything.

Lateness is a bad habit, and these are some important reasons you should stop them now.

1. It kills trust

When you are always late for an appointment or event, you pass a message of being inefficient, and in turn kill people’s trust in you. Lateness doesn’t inspire trust, and you’ll miss so many opportunities in life when you aren’t deemed to be trustworthy.

2. It comes with so many negatives

Lateness comes with so many negatives, such as excuses, procrastination, lack of focus, disappointments, lies and deceits and so many other baggage.

3.Loss in productivity

When you are late, you tend to do the right things at the wrong time, and this could affect morale and productivity in many ways. Being timely keeps you in the right frame of mind to achieve certain results.

4. You might also be faced with so many problems at work, and a bad reputation as well, when you don’t keep to time. This might cause huge problems for you in the long run.

Being late isn’t a good habit, and if you’re always guilty of this, you should try to overcome the habit today.