4 reasons most women avoid falling in love

Published by Elcrema
On 12 August 2016 saa 01:43
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Love is a beautiful feeling but many women don’t think so because they have given up on love. Many have decided not to fall in love again. But why do women give up on love?

Below are 4 reasons most women avoid falling in love

1. Terrible experiences

When it comes to love, many women have invested in lots of relationship that only left them heartbroken. These bad experiences have made them give up on love and they protect themselves by never falling in love again.

2. They believe all men are the same

Many women believe all men are the same and this prevents them from falling in love again. They just don’t believe any man who talks them about love and you really can’t blame them.

3. They think they aren’t good enough

Some women believe they aren’t good enough for any man and this mentality prevents them from ever falling in love. They think they are less attractive and less worthy for any man to love them.

4. They are scared

Most women who avoid falling in love do so because they are afraid of falling for the wrong guy. This fear stops them from opening their heart to any man.

No matter your reason for giving up on love, you need to understand that giving up on love won’t make you happy. It’s makes more sense to take a break from love while you become the woman who can captivate any man rather than totally giving up on love.