4 reasons women say “I’m fine” When they clearly aren’t

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On 21 March 2017 saa 07:58
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One thing that’s very consistent with most women is telling their man that they are fine even when it’s obvious that there’s something wrong. They’ll give you the “I’m fine” response and give an attitude almost throughout the day.

Why do women do this? This is an age-long question many men have sought the answer to, but all to no avail.

This article will throw a bit more light on why women are fond of this.

1. They just expect you to know

A lot of the time, women just expect men to know everything happening around them without them having to reveal anything. Women just want you to know everything, and they believe it’s your job to pay attention and know what’s wrong.

2. They love the attention

Sometimes, they kind of love the attention this brings; they love it when you give them all your attention, when you are worried about their state and when you keep being concerned even after you’ve gotten the “I’m fine” response. Trust me; she’ll get angrier if you took her response literally.

3. They unconsciously want to see the sensitive nature in you

Women are the more sensitive ones; the motherly nature in them brings out a rare kind of sensitivity that men don’t have; this is why a mother will look into a child’s eyes and tell you that something is wrong with the child’s health, while a father wouldn’t notice a thing.

Women are sensitive that way, and they also want to see the sensitivity in their man when they are hurting from a situation that he probably didn’t cause.

4. They are too hurt to talk

More often than not, she might just be too hurt to talk, especially if the man has done something terrible to hurt her feelings. This is a major reason women hold back and give the “I’m fine” response.

When she tells you “I’m fine” and gives an attitude that says the opposite; she’s clearly passing a message that everything isn’t okay.