4 simple things you can do when your lady is angry

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 1 October 2016 saa 03:17
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No matter how careful you tend to be as a man, you could make some mistakes and probably make your lady angry in the process. Being a real doesn’t mean those moments won’t come; it means being able to calm calm the situation down and do the right thing.

There are simple things you can do to calm your lady down when she’s angry.

1. Apologise

This is the first step to calming her down when she’s angry. Sorry might not solve a thing, it might not cover for your mistakes, but it’s the right thing to do. Accepting your mistake and apologising for it is a very important thing to do when she’s angry.

2. Try to solve the problem

If it is still possible to solve the problem, then by all means do. But if it’s impossible, try to take responsibility for your action, make up for your mistake and assure her that you wouldn’t repeat the mistake again.

3. Do something she likes

If she has forgiven you, the next step is to put a smile on her face. Do something you know she likes; give her a treat and try to make her happy. In spite of this, you should still remember the mistake you made and be sorry for it.

4. Pamper her

Of course she wants to be pampered after everything. Even though she isn’t angry anymore, give her a treat to pamper her. Doing this will restore the peace between the both of you — and your relationship can then forge ahead.

If you’ve ever made a mistake that got her angry, there’s no point trying to talk your way out of it or making up loads of excuses. Just use these 4 simple steps and win her over in no time.