4 things every woman wants her man to do without being told

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 7 January 2017 saa 05:55
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There are certain things women expect men to do and take the initiative without being told. When the man tends not to know these things, the woman might get frustrated, and this might lead to a crack in the marriage/relationship.

These are some things women expect from their men, even without telling.

1. Support her during her activities/events

If a woman has something going on in her life, she expects her man to support her and be there for her through it all, even though he might not really have much to do. His presence and support will mean a lot to her, and she’d get really frustrated when he doesn’t do this.

2. Don’t leave her in the dark

Every woman wants to be part of the plan and the process; she doesn’t want to left in the dark. She feels important when her man includes her in the plans and decision-making process, even when she didn’t ask.

3. Attention

Every woman wants attention from her man, and she doesn’t want to be shown attention when she complains about lack of attention; she wants the attention to flow naturally — that’s what makes it special.

4. Know what she likes

Women tend to expect the man in their lives to know a lot about them after a few months of being together. They don’t want to keep reminding him or telling him of things that should be done; they just want the man to be curios and attentive enough to know a lot about them.

Women want a lot of things, but somehow all what they want fall into these four categories.