4 things you must be willing to do when a lady is leading on you

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On 20 January 2017 saa 12:13
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Being led on by a woman is the worst kind of relationship you can be in. In a relationship like this, you’re like a sidekick; one who’ll get hurt more often than not, and one who wouldn’t really have a say.

You’ve read the signs that show she’s leading you on, now it’s time to know the things you must be willing to do if found in such a relationship.

1. Determine what you really want

Know what you want from a relationship and try to figure out if that’s what you are getting from her. Of course, you can’t call a relationship with a woman who’s leading you on, a real relationship. So, figure out what you truly want, and then you’d understand that you are in a wrong relationship.

2. Tell her your stand

After figuring out what you want from the relationship, tell her your stand on it. Let her know that you want something tangible, and try to set certain boundaries.

3. Value yourself more

Value yourself more; no matter how much you feel you like her. Be more confident in yourself, and don’t for a second think you can’t find a better woman.

4. Be ready to leave

If things don’t get better, you must be ready to leave that relationship. Don’t force a relationship on a woman who’s only leading you on.

You might be addicted to a woman who is just leading you on, but for your own good, you just have to take certain drastic decisions.