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4 ways to make her beg you for sex
Published on 8-08-2016 - at 00:51' by Elcrema

While it’s so easy for men to get turned on, it’s so different for the ladies but the good news is that it’s really not that difficult to make her beg you for sex.

With the simple techniques below, you can make her beg you for sex.

1. Talk dirty:

This simple technique works like magic but it’s important to know that the both of you need to be very comfortable with your sexuality for this to work so you don’t end up turning her off. Talking dirty isn’t restricted to the bedroom so that means you can talk dirty to her while at work as you prepare her mentally for an amazing time in the bedroom when you both get home.

2. Take it slow:

Most men are guilty of this and you need to understand if you want her begging for more, you need to take it real slow. Instead of rushing into the main act, try starting off slow and women really do love foreplay.

3. Talk during the act:

It shouldn’t be a moment for silence; tease her by telling her what you intend to do to her next while you are together is really fun.

4. Be unpredictable :

Unpredictability is fun and it would definitely make her want you. Make her guess your next move; when she expects you to kiss, just do something else and leave her guessing every move you are about to make. She would be surprised by your unpredictability and that would make her want you even more.

So here you have it. Have an amazing time with your spouse.



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