5 advantages of getting married

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On 20 August 2016 saa 02:22
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We live in an era where the fear of marriage is the beginning of wisdom. You need not fear. There are lots of outstanding benefits from getting married. As long as it’s a happy marriage, there is so much to gain from it. Can you remember the saying ‘’he that finds a wife finds a good thing’’, it’s so true. Read on to find out the 5 advantages of getting married.

1. You live a longer life

Lots and lots of studies have proved that the chances of married couples dying are far lesser than that of unmarried couples. When you have a happy family, you tend to care of yourself better, avoid unnecessary risks and hence live longer. As long as it’s a happy home, the chances of you living longer are high.

2. You become less addicted to alcohol

Married couples have less addiction to alcohol than the unmarried ones. It’s common to see a guy cut down on the amount of alcohol he consumes after he gets married. He has more responsibilities now and he knows alcohol isn’t everything any longer. A married couple believe life has more to offer so why waste it on so much alcohol?

3. Improved quality of life

Do you remember the saying that two heads are better than one(though my friend says it’s two good heads not just two heads)? A married couple always have an improved life because the two of them pull resources together to have a better life. So it’s easier for a married couple to get a home in a nice neighbourhood. The unmarried ones have to do it on their own.

4. Easier to raise kids

In every responsible marriage, both the father and mother share responsibilities in taking care of the kids. It’s easier for married couples to provide a home that is safe and happy to live in than single parents.

5. Better health

Ever wondered why your friend smiles a lot after getting married? Having good sex with a partner that you now trust better brings a sense of happiness which in turn promotes good health. Studies have also shown that married couples enjoy better physical and mental health than those not married.

So for the single ones, it’s time to propose to that woman that makes you smile and hit the altar with her. Toast to all the weddings coming soon.