5 bedroom gifts women secretly desire from men

Published by Elcrema
On 11 August 2016 saa 01:28
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When it comes to matters regarding intimacy and sexuality, people tend to be a little cautious over the sort of demands they make from their spouses and partners so they don’t seem like a freak or something of the sort, but this doesn’t take anything away from the fact that we all have sexual fantasies rooted deep inside us— you know, areas of intimacy we want to explore and share with that special someone in our lives.

It’s usually much easier for the man to express or explore his fantasies with his partner, than it is for the woman because of the amount of freedom the male gender enjoys from the larger society, so most times, you find that women leave all those desires, emotions, and fantasies bottled up. S*x becomes an obligatory activity for them instead of something fun and enjoyable. But with this post, the stereotype is going to change hopefully, as I expose some of those deep bedroom secrets women wish men know. So without further ado, here they are…

1. An open mind and listening ear

Some of us men are so old school that once we’re in the mood we just cut right to the chase, and get the business done without dedicating quality time to making the experience as enjoyable for the woman as it is for us.

Women have sexual fantasies just like us men. They want to try new things, and be pushed to different limits. They want a man who’ll be open enough to let them express themselves. So rather than do it the same old way, slow down and ask her what she wants you to do to her, ask her how she’d have it on the occasion, and be willing to listen and indulge her fantasies. This way, your woman gets to enjoy the experience just as much as you do. Learn to key into her fantasies, instead of doing the same old thing every single time. You not only satisfy her in doing so, you also spice up and keep your s*x life alive.

2. A bit of aggressiveness doesn’t really hurt

I got to admit that this isn’t exactly true for every woman, but 70% of the time, it is. Women enjoy lovemaking, but every once in a while they like to get it rough as well. They want to see the ‘bad boy’ in you during sexual intercourse. They want to be spanked, pulled on the hair, and pounded like it were a machine doing the work… as long as it doesn’t inflict any physical or emotional injuries on her.

3. Some southern cuisine

Alright, guys, you need to understand that sex is an activity shared by two people (not one, two), and as such, must be enjoyed by both parties equally. You cannot expect her to go down on you, when you’re not willing to return the favour. It’s unfair. They say, ‘a good turn deserves another’. The woman is just as sensitive and needy as you. You must go down there, and eat her like your favourite meal. In fact, women tend to enjoy oral sex more than penetrative sex because the clitoris has more contact that way.

There is nothing bad or shameful about giving your woman some southern hospitality. It’s something a real man who cares about his woman’s happiness should consider doing. If you’re not willing to give it, then you must be willing to not request the same of her.

4. Freedom to be in charge

I know it’s against a man’s nature to not be in control of the sexual activity, but every now and then, it wouldn’t hurt to put masculinity aside (per se), and allow the woman express herself. You see, sex is an art, and no one can really express themselves unless given the opportunity. Men aren’t the only ones who have skills they want to show or use on their partner in bed, women also have things they want to try. The only way they can do that is when we let them. They sometimes want to be on top, or in total control of the experience. It’s fine to let them have their way guys, at least, every now and then; doesn’t take anything away from our masculinity.

5. Dirty-talking

Related to the first point, but a little different; women like it when you talk dirty to them in the bedroom. Think up all those naughty, nasty, things you know, and during sex whisper them in her ears. Ask her if she like the things you do to her. All of that helps to make the experience even sexier. Besides, it is proven that there are women who derive great pleasure from dirty-talking.

Finally, I want to add that sex is too good to be boring and unpleasing; it is an art. Express yourself in every possible way; enjoy your s*x life while you yet can.Thank you for your time!