5 common lies most ladies tell themselves that prevent them from finding true love

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On 11 January 2017 saa 01:11
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Telling yourself these lies as a single lady prevents you from creating opportunities to find your true love.

Here are 5 common lies most single ladies tell themselves that prevent them from finding true love

1. All men are cheats and liars

I can understand you saying this after meeting several men that turned out to be cheats and liars but you tell yourself a big lie when you say all men are cheats and liars. Not all men are cheats and liars. When you stop telling yourself this lie, you will begin to meet wonderful men.

2. All the good men are taken

Do you really believe yourself when you say this? Just as we have good women who are single, so do we have good men are who single. There’s a good man for every good woman out there. Don’t close the door to finding him.

3. I am waiting for the perfect man

The perfect man doesn’t exist and it’s important you understand this. Stop looking for the perfect man and start looking for the right man for you. The right man for you will come with some imperfections.

4. Most men hate committed relationships

While there are men out there who do not enjoy being in a committed relationship, there are also men out there who want to commit to a long-term relationship. Stop telling yourself this lie. Don’t just close the door, go out there and make new friends and you might just meet the man for you.

5. I am too busy to date

No one is too busy to date. We all have 24 hours and we make time for what we think is important to us. You are too busy to date because you think love isn’t important. To find love, you will need to make love your priority.