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5 habits that kill your erection…all men should know this
Published on 15-07-2016 - at 01:47' by Elcrema

Every man wants his equipment down there to go hard when it’s time to get down with his partner, we all hate it when it disappoints. It kills a man’s ego. Every man wants his junk ready for action when needed.

Do you know there are some habits you might have that could be a threat to your erection? Why don’t you know them now and curb them so you would have a healthy erection.

I have got five habits that could be detrimental to your erection and you should reduce any or stop totally if you have any of the habits.

Below are the five habits

1. Smoking

Do you smoke? If you have always needed a good reason to quit smoking, then you have found one. Smoking damages the lining of your blood vessels. When the lining of your blood vessels are damaged, it affects the smooth muscle in your junk and inhibits blood from flowing in. So quit the nicotine addiction for the sake of your erection and your partner will be happy you did.

2.Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep can affect your erection. When you don’t sleep much, the free testosterone that isn’t bound by protein is affected. This then affects your erection. So please, try getting more sleep for a better erection.

3. Placing your laptop over the junk

I know it’s called a laptop but I would prefer if you place it far away from your junk or just place it on a hard surface. We all know laptops generate a lot of heat and that isn’t good for your erection. Too much heat on the testicles can affect your T production which then affects your ability to get hard.

4. Cheating on your partner

The ladies would love this part. The guilt you get from cheating on your partner can affect your erection. That guilt you get from cheating might turn into anxiety and it could affect your ability to get hard. When anxiety creeps in, it produces chemical changes in the brain that attack your ability to get hard. The release of neurotransmitters which are in charge of stimulating an erection could also be affected by anxiety.

5. Alcohol

Heavy drinking can affect your performance with your partner, so I suggest you drink moderately. You should also not forget that alcohol is a depressant. So when you consume too much alcohol, the chances of you getting an erection are reduced and you also suffer from exhaustion. So watch your alcohol intake.

Your partner needs you to be ready for her whenever she needs you; you better protect your erection for the sake of your relationship.



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