5 important dates in a woman’s life you should never forget

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On 20 August 2016 saa 02:30
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When in a relationship with a woman, there are certain dates in her life which you should never forget, except you want your relationship to go through something more catastrophic than the Second World War.

While most men are hardly efficient in remembering or keeping tabs with dates, women always have such dates easily stored up at the back of their mind. Research has shown that women have a higher level of estrogen, and this helps them in remembering dates and events. The dates range from personal important dates in her lives to important dates that marks important milestone in the relationship/marriage.

To a woman, if you remember those important dates, you are caring and romantic; if you don’t, well…you know what happens next.

5 dates most women never forget:

1. Birthday

Of course you should never forget her birthday, there is no way on earth she would forgive you if you can’t remember one of the most important dates in her life. Men could take their birthday casual, but never a woman; she sees this date as a special day in her life, and the message you pass when you forget such a simple but yet important date is that you don’t even care.

2. Anniversary date

The anniversary date is one you should never ever forget; her wedding day is yet another symbolic moment in her life — one she’d never forget in a hurry; so, if you can’t remember a simple date as the one you got married to her, you somehow pass a message that you don’t even value the marriage. Some women even mark anniversary dates in relationships, and they hold it very important. If you care about your relationship/marriage, the anniversary date is a no go area. The day she also gets engaged is another important milestone.

3. The day you met

A lot of women also hold this dear to them if they consider you special in their lives; the day you both met, the place and time as well as other things that happened on that day — they hardly ever forget this.

4. Milestone

A milestone could be in her job, career or education; her first job, first car, a degree, promotion or any other thing which affects her progress in life; if it’s important to her then it should be important to you.

5. A tragedy

Women are good with dates; they hardly ever forget anything that happens to them, even a tragedy. The loss of a child, parent or anyone dear to them is one they never forget, or any other tragedy which took them aback is one they also never forget. If she’s been through a divorce or bad breakup, she also hardly ever forgets that.

It could be deduced that anything that makes a woman extremely happy or extremely sad are days she’d never ever forget in her life.