5 kinds of men every good woman should avoid

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 8 November 2016 saa 12:44
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Every good woman deserves to be with an even better man, who would treat her right and build a beautiful relationship with her.

However, women tend to fall for men who don’t deserve them and who wouldn’t treat them right.

Every good woman ought to avoid men mentioned in these categories.

1. The lazy kind

Every good woman should be with a man who’s hardworking and has real ambitions. A lazy man has nothing to offer, and is too lazy to work hard for a better future. Every good woman deserves someone better than this.

2. The aggressor

A man who would hit you, ridicule you and disrespect you should be avoided at all costs. Every good woman deserves to be with a man who would treat her with care and respect.

3. The guy scared of commitment

A guy who’s scared of being committed to you is just the kind of guy you should avoid. Such a guy would only be with you for the foreseeable future but there would be no form of commitment to show for it. You deserve better.

4. The cheater

You deserve better than the guy who wants to cheat on you at the slightest opportunity. Many women believe they can change such a guy, but they only deceive themselves; if he doesn’t change when you’re dating, you’d face worse when you take the relationship further.

5. The one who wants you for just one thing

The guy who wants you purely for sexual reasons is just the kind of man every good woman should avoid; surely you deserve better than a man who would use you as his booty call.

There are so many other kinds of men every good woman out there should be wary of; the self-centred, the control freak, the ones who are dishonest and deceitful etc.

Every good woman deserves a good man in her life.