5 messages a woman passes with her kiss

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On 18 August 2016 saa 01:39
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A woman’s kiss almost always means something, or comes with a message, but not every man understands those signals that come with a kiss.

A kiss could signify love, sex, trust, distrust and could even signify anger and a host of other emotions.

Have you kissed a lady and wondered what it meant or what’s going through her mind? Find out what a lady’s kiss actually means

1. If she kisses slowly

More often than not, such a kiss signifies love and attraction; it also signifies that she wants something sensuous and isn’t in a hurry; it signifies romance; it doesn’t really signify she wants sex, but it shows she’s attracted to you and wants something quite special.

2. Kiss and stop

When she kisses you and stops, it could signify a lot of things. Could be that she doesn’t trust you, she doesn’t want to take things too far, has another partner she doesn’t want to betray; it could also mean you’re taking things too far. Most times, this is done to keep her emotions in check.

3. Passionate/aggressive kiss

This kiss signifies a lot of intent; with this, there is hardly anything in her mind but to get down with you. She isn’t trying to hide her emotions; rather she’s ready to let hell loose.

4. If she kisses with a closed mouth

This could mean she’s unhappy with you; it shows something isn’t right; could mean she isn’t in the mood for sex; could be that there is something troubling her; she might also do this to pass a message that she is having some grudge or is unhappy over something.

5. Flirty kiss

Sometimes her kiss is meant with the intention to be flirty and arouse her partner; you could call this the erotic kiss. This isn’t just a kiss, it comes along with other body involvements.

A quote by Sylvia Plath reads: “Kiss me and you will see how important I am”, this quote isn’t farfetched as kissing shows a lot of things, even how valued or important you are.