5 of the toughest questions women ask men

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On 31 August 2016 saa 12:54
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These questions are so tricky that if not properly asked could put a man in big trouble.

These are questions guaranteed to explode into a huge argument if not properly answered by the man.

Below are 5 of the toughest questions women ask men

1. Do I look fat?

This question looks harmless until you answer it wrongly. Avoid saying “I wouldn’t call you fat but I wouldn’t call you thin either” or “A little extra weight looks good on you”. Women are so conscious of their body so an honest answer in this situation isn’t needed. So say “No, of course not” confidently and quickly leave the room as you don’t want her to ask you to explain yourself.

2. Do you love me?

Women always love to be reassured you love them; it’s how they are programmed. Never say “I suppose so” or “Does it matter” and avoid complimenting her looks or body. Instead confidently say “Yes” and talk about aspects of her that won’t change like she being a wonderful person.

3. What are you thinking?

This is another harmless question that could explode into an argument if wrongly answered. Please never tell her you are thinking of football, basketball etc. You shouldn’t be doing that when she is trying to spend quality time with you. Try not to beat around the bush when answering her but ensure your answer corresponds with happenings at that moment except it’s a serious event from work etc. Please avoid telling her it was sports you were thinking about.

4. Do you think she is prettier than me?

This is another tricky question that could heat things up if wrongly answered. She has to be the prettiest woman in the world in your eyes and you should avoid answers like “She is prettier but you have a better personality” or “Not prettier but just pretty in a different way”.

5. Do you like my new dress?

She is asking this question because she wants you to notice her new dress. Women love being noticed by their man, this is something you should have known by now. Just telling “Yes” and continuing with what you were doing might cause more harm than good. Instead tell her why you love the dress – the colours, it fits etc.