5 people you should let go of before getting married

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On 16 August 2016 saa 12:23
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Marriage is a sacred institution, but many still treat it as a mere relationship. Marriage goes beyond relationships; that’s why you have vows which are taken in front of people who matter to you — family and friends.

If you want to have a healthy marriage, there are certain people you should let go of.

1. Your exes

Of course this is a given. You should be done and over with your ex at this point of your life, and all your attention should be on your spouse.

2. The ones you still have flings with

You should keep away from people you still have flings with; keeping them around could prompt you to cheat one day.

3. Your crush

If you still have a crush on someone, you should kill that crush and move on from it, before you find yourself losing your attraction to your partner.

4. Friends who lead you astray

Cut down certain friendships that you know is bad for your marriage; marriage requires a lot of maturity, and you need to keep away from friends who could lead you astray, if you want to be a mature partner.

5. The gossips

Keep away from people who are always too eager to gossip; they would ruin your marriage for you.

Anything you know that wouldn’t be healthy for your marriage should be put away with, else you might suffer the consequences later on.