5 reasons why some women don’t reach their peak during sex

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On 8 September 2016 saa 01:18
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While a man always reaches his peak whenever he has sex, it’s not always that way for women.

Below are 5 reasons why some women don’t always reach their peak during sex

1. They rush foreplay

Foreplay is really important if you hope to reach your peak during sex as a woman. Most women need at least 20 minutes of foreplay before they can reach that height. So if you want to reach your peak during sex, avoid rushing foreplay.

2. You worry too much about reaching your peak

When you spend the whole time during sex worrying about reaching your peak, it will become a problem for you to reach your peak. When you worry about reaching your peak during sex, you forget to relax and enjoy the sex.

3. Many women don’t know their pleasure points

It becomes easy to reach your peak as a woman during sex when you know your pleasure points. When you know your pleasure points, you can guide your partner and this will help you reach your peak during sex.

4. There isn’t enough stimulation down there

Only less than one-third of women can reach their peak through penetration alone. Most women will need enough stimulation down there during foreplay to reach their peak.

5. You are distracted during sex

When you are distracted during sex, it becomes difficult to reach your peak.Thinking about your money problems or work assignments during sex won’t make you reach your peak.