5 reasons why the prettiest girls have no boyfriend

Published by Elcrema
On 2 September 2016 saa 12:27
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People expect the prettiest girls to have a boyfriend but it doesn’t always work that way. The truth is that there are lots of pretty girls without a boyfriend. So why do the prettiest girls have no boyfriend?

1. The prettiest ladies don’t trust the intentions of guys

Most pretty ladies I know find it difficult trusting a man because it’s hard to judge if he wants you for just your look or who you really are? Many pretty ladies I know have had bad experiences with guys who just wanted to sleep with them because they are pretty and didn’t really love them for who they really are.

2. Most guys are intimidated by a pretty woman

Most guys are intimidated by a pretty woman. They just assume she is too pretty to even be in their class. They lose every confidence they have when they are around a pretty woman. Most pretty woman are single because most guys are afraid to approach them.

3. Pretty ladies doesn’t settle for any man

The prettiest ladies I know have standards when it comes to choosing a man. They don’t settle for any man. If you don’t meet their standards, you have no chance with them. The pool of men who can actually meet their standards are quite small and this is why they are mostly single.

4. Every man assumes they have a boyfriend

The prettiest women are mostly single because most guys just assume they already have a boyfriend. When he assumes she’s taken, he doesn’t bother talking to her.

5. Most guys believe the competition is fierce

Most guys hate competition and this is why they stay away from the prettiest women. They know she’s very pretty so they assume every man would want her. The fear of a competition to keep her makes most men stay away from the prettiest women. They believe they might end up with a heart break if they try to date a very pretty woman.