5 reasons women are more emotional than men

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 31 January 2017 saa 12:22
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Science says men are more emotional than women, only that they’re good at hiding their emotions. But why is it that women usually appear more emotional than men?

1. Society

It’s socially more acceptable for women to show their emotions than for men to do so, and this has made men tend to macho up and hide their emotions rather than reveal them, while women on the other hand, feel okay to show their emotions everywhere they find themselves.

2. Motherly instincts

Many women tend to have motherly instincts that make them feel danger, love and certain other emotions, and this instinct is never hidden — it always shows.

3. Role

In many cultures and society, women have been given a much softer role/task, while men are usually given the difficult ones, and this has made women more open and revealing, while it has made men more withdrawn.

4. Hormones

Women pass through many hormonal changes at various points of their lives, and these hormones tend to make women more emotional, especially during PMS and pregnancy. The hormone estrogen is usually responsible for this.

5. Relationship/family values

In a family setting, the man is usually the breadwinner; the one who’s supposed to protect and provide for the family, while the woman is the helpmate. Also, in relationships, women seek out to be loved and cherished by the man, and love to get all the affection and attention.

This family and relationship setting has in a way made women more comfortable with being emotional, and has toughened men up.