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5 reasons you should overcome your fears
Published on 16-07-2016 - at 05:15' by Elcrema

A quote reads: “Fear is not real. It is the product of the thoughts you create. Danger is very real, but fear is a choice.”

The last phrase of that quote says ‘fear is a choice’ and that is true.You let your mind into tricking you to fear; you have a choice to allow such thoughts or repel it.

I’ve written on the things fear does to you, now it’s time to know the reasons you should overcome your fears.

These five tips would tell you why.

1. It’s just a mental picture

Fear only exists in the mind; the fear of failing, the fear of getting old, the fear of dying. These fears exist in your mind and prevent you from living your life. When you realise that fear is just a mental picture, you would easily overcome it.

2. Fear limits you

That mental picture called fear would actually limit you; it would limit your potentials and limit you from giving life your best shot. Even things you can achieve would look insurmountable when you live in fear.

3. You would only exist and not live

Fear would hold you from living your life. You can’t live your life to the fullest when you live in fear. It would make you exist, while you watch others live their lives.

4. It’s a waste of energy

Do you know that fear is energy sapping? Fear restricts blood flow to certain areas of your body and increases blood flow to your muscles.

This is a waste of energy that should be conserved or channelled into other important things.

5. It would always be there

You can’t run away from fear; the best thing to do is to overcome it. When you let it in, it would be the driver of your life, and if you try to run away from it, it would always come back to haunt you.

Getting rid of fear in your life could be the best decision you would make.



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