5 science backed facts that can tell a woman just had sex

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On 29 August 2016 saa 12:41
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Science has a lot of answers to many questions we might tend to ask, and unsurprisingly there are some science backed facts that can tell a woman just had sex.

You might want to ask how useful this might be. Well, some of these facts if properly considered can tell if your partner has had sex with another man and can as well be used to judge the sexual life of a woman you are trying to woo.

Are you ready to know those signs that she just had sex?

1. The way she walks

A research conducted by Belgian researchers were able to tell women who had sex regularly and were able to reach climax. The research examined the association of general everyday body movement with history of vaginal orgasm. The researchers found that women who reached climax visibly walked different. The researchers suggest that the ‘Big O’ can loosen muscle group.

2. Deep and sound sleep

Sex as well as reaching the Big O can make women sleep deeper than usual at night. A research published in Oxford Journal of Human Reproduction found that women who have sex and reach the Big O have a 30% increase in the release of the hormone, prolactin — a hormone responsible for drowsiness and deep sleep.

3. An unusual happy mood

The hormone, endorphins which is secreted after sex can give a significant boost to a woman’s mood especially if she reached the Big O. This could lighten her mood and even make her extremely happy.

4. You become more attracted to her

A research published in the Journal of Advanced Research found that the more a woman has sex, the more her body releases a chemical substance called pheromones. These secreted pheromones can induce the opposite sex to be more aroused. When your sense of smell picks up these substances, you could become more attracted to her, even by just standing close to her.

5. She could even become less clingy

Research has found that s*x triggers the release of a hormone, oxytocin which helps couples bond more. However, an increase in the level of oxytocin could make her better satisfied, in turn reducing her need to feel bonded. In other words, sex could as well make her less clingy to you.

These five facts point to one direction — she’s been having sex.