5 signs you are not ready for marriage

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On 13 January 2017 saa 08:45
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Marriage could be a dreadful adventure if you aren’t ready and prepared for it.

Below are 5 signs you aren’t ready for marriage

1. You are looking for a perfect partner

You aren’t ready for marriage if you are still looking for the perfect partner. The perfect partner doesn’t exist and everyone who is ready for marriage knows this. There’s no partner that doesn’t come with flaws so until you are ready to accept and live with your partner’s flaws, you aren’t ready for marriage.

2. Relationship is all about sex to you

If all you think about is sex when in a relationship, then you aren’t ready for marriage. While having great sex is important in every marriage, no great marriage is built on sex alone. You need to love your partner outside the bedroom as much as you love your partner in the bedroom.

3. You hope to change your partner after marriage

Hoping to change your partner after marriage is a sign that you aren’t ready for marriage. Getting married with the hopes of changing your partner is a recipe for disaster in any marriage. It’s either you accept your partner for who he or she really is or end the relationship.

4. You aren’t open about your finances

One of the common reasons many marriages have ended or are having issues is due to finance. It’s important you are open about your finances before marriage. If you aren’t willing to be honest about your finances before marriage, then you aren’t ready for marriage.

5. You can’t stick to a partner

If you enjoy cheating and find it difficult sticking to a partner, then you aren’t ready for marriage. Those who are ready for marriage are happy having sex with one person for the rest of their life.