5 signs your partner is emotionally unavailable...stop wasting your time and walk away

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On 10 August 2016 saa 01:50
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It takes two emotionally available partners to make a relationship succeed. So if your partner is emotionally unavailable, your relationship is doomed to fail.

If you want a committed relationship, you should stay away from someone who is emotionally unavailable or you might end up with a heartbreak.

Below are 5 signs your partner is emotionally unavailable

1. Your partner is still in love with an ex

You shouldn’t fall in love with someone who is still in love with an ex. Such a person can’t love you because they are not available emotionally. If your partner still seeks relationship advice from an ex, complains about an ex, gets hurt when he/she sees an ex with someone else or maybe your partner’s conversations always focuses on your ex, it’s a sign your partner still loves his/her ex.

2. Your partner dislikes marriage or a committed relationship

Some people make the mistake of thinking they can change their partner over time. If you are dating someone who avoids having conversations about having a committed relationship with you, it’s best you leave that relationship because your partner isn’t available emotionally. If your partner makes statements about not wanting an exclusive relationship or getting married, please walk away from that relationship and stop wasting your time.

3. Your partner only blames his/her ex for the failure of his/her past relationship

When a relationship fails, the two partners are always at fault even though one person might be more at fault. So if you have a partner who only blames his/her ex for the failure of a past relationship, it’s a sign that your partner is failing to take responsibility for their part in the failure of their past relationship. A partner who can’t take responsibility isn’t available emotionally.

4. Your partner struggles to connect with you emotionally

An emotionally unavailable partner will struggle to connect with you emotionally. An emotionally unavailable partner will criticize your need your attention and intimacy.

5. Here today and gone tomorrow

A partner who is emotionally unavailable will generally give you mixed signals. He/she will be so sweet today and distant tomorrow. An emotionally unavailable partner generally struggles with keeping the connection in a relationship. They are here today and gone tomorrow. They always leave you confused due to the mixed signals that they give.