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5 things ladies should never tell their man
Published on 20-07-2016 - at 01:18' by Elcrema

If you are a lady, you should read this and if you are a guy, you also need to read this so you would know questions never to ask your woman.

I am not against being transparent and open in a relationship, in fact every relationship needs transparency. But if we want to tell ourselves the truth, there are times when we need to hold back some truths if we want our relationship to work. I know some people would disagree with me on this but I really think there are certain things a woman should keep to herself. Just because I said you should keep certain things to yourself is no reason not to tell your man things he needs to know.

Below are five things every lady should never tell their man

1. Never confess you lied

Okay so you lied once in the past and you just feel he should know the truth now. I just think you should let the lie remain in the past and try not to tell another lie. Your man might start thinking you lie about everything and that isn’t right for your relationship. Men love to think their woman is a saint who would never lie to them and I think you should continue to be the saint he knows. Keep the truth to yourself for the sake of your relationship.

2. The little things you did when you had a break with your man

Okay you had a heated argument with your man and he called it quits. Months later, you guys are back again. That’s good news but you should never tell him the things you did while they both of you were separated. If you had a fling with a guy, keep it to yourself. Your man might act like its nothing but trust me when I say it could cause cracks in your relationship.

3 Why you left your ex

I see no reason why a woman should discuss her ex with her present partner. What you did with your ex should remain in the past with your ex. Your man shouldn’t know if you cheated on your ex or if your ex cheated on you.

4. What you really feel about his mother

What you feel about his mum should remain with you. If you think you don’t like his mum, just keep it to yourself. You might be the love of his life but his mum would always remain his first love. Don’t start a mission of trying to break the bond between them because you might end up breaking your relationship with your man.

5. What you really feel about his friends

If you feel his friends are annoying, please just keep it to yourself. His pals were there before you and they would always have a place in his life. Most men don’t feel comfortable when their woman say wrong things about their pals.

What else do you think I missed?



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