5 things most men notice about a woman during sex

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On 17 November 2016 saa 11:52
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During sex, there are certain things most men tend to take note about a woman and these things help give men clues about whether they have a serious chemistry with the woman.

Below are 5 things most men notice about a woman during sex

1. The woman’s ability to take the initiative

Even though most men will say this to their partner, most men love it when the woman takes the initiative in bed sometimes. It helps make the moment really exciting and it also shows the man you are excited having sex with him.

2. The woman’s body movement

During sex, most men tend to take note of a woman’s body movement. Men hate it when a woman lies on the bed like a log of wood. Most men want to see his woman’s body move as that excites him even more.

3. What the woman is wearing beneath the clothes

It’s important every woman pays attention to what she wears beneath her clothes. It’s useless wearing expensive clothes and worn-out underwear. Your man wants to see you pay more attention to your underwear because he takes note of it during sex.

4. How you look

Most men pay attention to the way a woman looks during sex. Looking at the wall or ceiling shows you aren’t happy having sex with him. Looking deep into eyes tells him you are enjoying the moment.

5. Your hygiene

How well you take care of yourself matters because your man will take note of that while having sex with him. Ensure your pubic hairs are well shaved and your hygiene is general good.