5 things sleeping position (s) says about his sex life

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On 11 September 2016 saa 12:57
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I was tuned in to a TV channel the other day, when this topic came up on one of their shows. It’s about what a man’s sleeping position says about his sex life. Their finding was really interesting; hence I’m sharing it with you.

There are 5 common sleeping positions among humans (men, in this case), and apparently, each one of them says something about you, depending on the one you use often. Lol. Take a look and see where you or your man fall(s) in…

1. The one who sleeps face-down

The man who sleeps in this position is the traditional guy. He likes his sex traditional, and ‘natural’. Lol. If you have this sort of person in your life as a sexual partner, do not expect a spicy or experimental sex life because it’s not his thing. What you get from someone in this category may be a bland, perhaps boring sex life. It’s the missionary position, all day, every day for the man who sleeps in the face-down position.

2. The one who thrashes around

In case you don’t get what ‘thrashes around’ implies, let me do a quick break- down before I go to the sex life. If you ‘thrash around’ in bed, it simply means that you like to maximize the entire space in your bed. Lol. You go to bed sleeping here, and wake up in an entirely different part of your bed. People who ‘thrash around’ can be a bit difficult to share a bed with because they’ll make the night unbearable for you— throwing punches and kicking at you subconsciously. Lol.

Typically guys like this have an abnormal sex life. They’re not into the missionary’s position or anything else except quickies.

3. The one who sleeps.lying on his back

The man in this category likes to add a bit of spice to his sex life, unlike the two before him. However, his favorite position remains the doggy style. With someone like this as your partner, you’re sure to have a spicier sex life.

4. The one who sleeps on his side

The man who sleeps in this particular position is the ‘baddest’ of the lot. He ticks all the boxes when it comes to sex. In fact, they say he’s the complete package, and the ideal man every woman wants to have in bed. He likes foreplay, he goes down on his woman, and he gives bomb sex. He doesn’t stick to one position as well, but tries as many as time would let him.

5. The combo guy

Just as the name implies, men in this category have no definite position that they sleep in. They sleep on their back; they do the face- down, their sides, and thrash around. Men who fall into this final category are generally good in bed, because they tend to combine the different s*x positions available to them. The only difference between them and the guy who lies on his side is they don’t seem to care much about foreplay — something the former dedicates an ample amount of time to.

So, where do you/ your man fall in, ladies and gents? I know mine, but I am not sharing! Lol. At least, not until you tell me yours!