5 things that happen to your husband when you disrespect him

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On 1 May 2017 saa 08:37
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Respect is an important part of marriage that should never be taken for granted. When disrespect enters into your marriage, your marriage will definitely suffer for it.

A husband ought to respect his wife, just the same way a wife should respect her husband.

These things happen to the husband when he’s disrespected.

1. His ego is dented

A man’s ego is boosted when he’s respected, and his ego is also dented when he’s disrespected. When you disrespect your husband, you do more than that to him – you hurt his ego and self-esteem as well.

2. Anger might start to rise within him

A wife who disrespects her husband is unknowingly planting seeds of anger and bitterness in his heart. A man might be able to handle some things, but disrespect is hardly one of them.

3. You start to lose him gradually

Your relationship with your husband will start to go down when you are disrespectful to him. You’ll begin to lose him when you disrespect him, and you might just drive him into the arms of another woman or probably far away from you.

4. Some might go to the extreme to get their respect

Some men can’t handle disrespect and men like these who feel disrespected by their wives might go on to vent their fury on their wives just to get back his respect.

5. He starts to feel you don’t love and value him

Love and respect to a man means the same thing, and when respect is missing from the equation, he might see it as a lack of love. So when you disrespect your husband, to him you’re telling him that you don’t love and value him.

Disrespecting your husband might be the worst thing you can do to your marriage.