5 things to consider when you are feeling single and frustrated

Published by Elcrema
On 22 September 2016 saa 01:37
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Singleness could come with loneliness and frustration; when you can’t have a good man/woman in your life, and you’ve been without a partner for so long that you’ve forgotten how it feels to be loved by someone other than family.

It could be frustrating, but rather than let the frustration eat deep into you, there are some things you should consider.

1. You’re probably comparing your life with others

Being single and frustrated could be as a result of you comparing your life with others; you tend to notice what’s going on in other’s lives and you forget to pay attention to yours. When you pay attention to other people’s lives, you’d see theirs as perfect while yours as useless— and that’s why you get frustrated.

2. You are desperate for love

Frustration also comes with desperation. When you are desperate to have a partner, you’d most likely end up with the wrong one and get frustrated in return.

It’s okay to want a partner, a relationship and a home, but when you let desperation set in, frustration would follow.

3. You’re searching for perfection

You know the problem in searching for perfection? You will tend to focus more on the trivial things that shouldn’t really matter and focus less on the weighty things that matter.

When you’re looking for that perfect partner as seen in romance movies, you’d lose sight of a lot of things, and this could get you frustrated.

4. You forget to live your life

The reason most people are single and frustrated is because they forget to live their lives. Every day of their lives resolves around how single they are and how they cannot find a man/woman. You can never find happiness when you live your life this way.

5. Your desperation is a turn off

Do you know that desperation is a huge turn off? Desperation reveals all your flaws and kill all the good things you have going for you. When people see the desperation in you, all they remember are your flaws.

Your desperation to get a partner could actually be a repellent to a potential partner — never forget this.

Are you single and frustrated? Just try to live your life and be happy; you never know what will come after.