5 things you need to keep away from your home

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On 25 May 2017 saa 09:03
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It’s very easy to get attached to certain objects and properties, and this sometimes, makes it almost near impossible to let go of them, even when they’re long due for replacement, but while it’s fine to hold on to some objects and properties, for the sake of cleanliness and hygiene, it’s wise to dispose of certain ones; like the following…

Really old shoes

All those old, torn and ugly looking shoes you’ve had for years should be thrown away. Old shoes usually have a bad smell, and you’ll be messing up the smell of your house by keeping them around. Apart from that, you would be creating room for new shoes when you do so.


When I say photographs, I don’t mean those photos you love so much, of course not, I mean those photographs that remind you of a horrible event or trigger pain in you. Those photos of people you no longer like, you should get rid of them to save yourself the trauma and hurt they can cause. You also get to free up some space in your photo album.

Broken objects

You can try to fix up the ones you can (if they’re fix- able), and you absolutely can’t let go of them, otherwise, it helps to keep your apartment and home looking neat when there aren’t pieces of broken objects and materials lying around in every corner. You also avert the danger of sustaining cuts and wounds from these objects.


Sometimes an outfit is so expensive you go sick at the thought of losing it. Sometimes you just hold on to certain clothing because you don’t want to have to revisit the market for them when they come back into fashion; I get it. But if you continue to keep your old clothes (that you don’t really need), you’ll eventually run out of space to store new ones, so, it’s in your best interest to throw away those ones you don’t really need. You could also give them to people who might need them.

Magazines and newspapers

Rodents and insect can hide behind that pile of papers and magazines in your house. So get rid of them unless you absolutely have need for them. Clean up your home, and keep it welcoming always.