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5 things you should do before you have sex with your partner for the first time
Published on 15-09-2016 - at 01:39' by Elcrema

So you started dating that cool guy or girl and you are looking forward to having sex.

Here are 5 things you should do before you have sex with your partner for the first time

1. Is sex really important?

Abstinence remains the best option. Talk about waiting for sex with your partner but if you know you can’t wait for sex, then continue reading. But you should first ensure you discuss if sex is really necessary in your relationship.

2. Know your partner’s sexual history

You shouldn’t have sex with your partner without knowing your partner’s sexual history. It’s important you know the number of sexual partners your partner have had as this will reveal a lot about your partner’s sexual behaviour.

3. Know your partner’s STD status

You and your partner should get tested before you have sex with your partner.This is the only way to know each other’s STD status. Don’t be careless with your health.

4. Talk about using a protection

Now you know your STD status, it’s important you protect yourselves by using a condom. Condoms won’t just help you protect yourself against STDs, they will also help you prevent unwanted pregnancies.

5. What happens if she gets pregnant

Condoms are not 100% effective which means there is a slim possibility you could just get her pregnant. What happens if she gets mistakenly pregnant due to condom burst or condom not worn properly? You need to talk about this with your partner before having sex.



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