5 things you should know about having sex for the first time

Published by Elcrema
On 22 August 2016 saa 12:54
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So you finally met that special someone you really love and you wanna share that special moment with that someone, you should understand there are certain things you need to know about first-time sex.

Check them out below

1. It’s okay to ask questions

Asking questions during sex ruins the moment but it’s an exception when it’s first-time sex. It’s so okay to ask questions if you are in doubt because you actually don’t know their limits.

2. It might be a little awkward

Having sex for the first time most times is usually awkward and uncomfortable.

3. It’s not going to be perfect

First time sex is mostly not perfect (forget what you read in novels or watch on TV). The good news is that you would get better with time.

4. Don’t be anxious ,just relax

Don’t expect fireworks the first time you have sex. It’s advisable you relax and enjoy the ride. You are probably going to spend eternity with your partner so why are you anxious?

5. Keep an open mind

When you are having sex for the first time, learn to keep an open mind. Explore, communicate and enjoy the moment.