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5 ways to stop a man from withdrawing
Published on 16-07-2016 - at 04:28' by Elcrema

When a man starts showing signs of withdrawal, it’s best to curb it at that early stage or it might become difficult to draw him back to you.

We’ve brought a previous article on the reasons men withdraw; this article would show you just how to stop him from withdrawing from you.

These five tips are important.

1. Don’t fidget

Don’t get paranoid, don’t fidget, don’t choke him; just remain calm and confident that he’s passing through a bad patch and would return to you.

Choking up on him or becoming paranoid would only make matters worse.

2. Learn to communicate with him effectively

Effective communication is highly important at this stage. Try to communicate with him without feeling aggressive or controlling. Communicate with him like you actually care. Sometimes, you could use your actions rather than words to even communicate with him.

3. Be independent

Learn to be independent of him at this stage. Being totally dependent on him might put added pressure on him and make him withdraw the more. Live your life, do things you ought to do, go about your normal duties — but still show him that you care and you would be there for him whenever he needs you.

4. Try to help

If he’s being stressed at work or going through a bad patch, help in any way that you can. If you can’t do anything about the situation, just try to be his cheerleader and be positive about the situation.

5. Make him feel appreciated

If he feels withdrawn because he isn’t feeling loved and appreciated, then it’s even a simple case. Give him enough attention, make him feel appreciated and show that you value him; he would turn around pretty soon.

Don’t let his feeling of withdrawal last a long time; he might fall out of love before you know it.



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