6 easy ways to make a good first impression

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On 30 October 2016 saa 01:00
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First impression matters, and you might never get a second chance to make a good first impression. So it’s important that when you meet someone for the first time it’s only important you make a good first impression.

How can you make a good first impression?

1. Smile

One cannot fully understand what a smile can do to improve your facial expression, your countenance and people’s thoughts about you. Putting a smiling face is the best first impression you can give.

2. Show genuine interest

Listen to the person you are talking to, nod and then respond. When you give that person the impression that you are actually listening and you’re interested in them, of course they’ll find you interesting.

3. Say focused

Focus on the person you are talking to and avoid distractions from phones or people around. When you are focused on that person, you make them feel important — and that’s a good first impression.

4. Your body language

Studies have found that body language has four times more influence on first impressions than what you actually say. How you express yourself and those little things like your facial expression, a handshake, whether your arms are folded or not — speak volumes more than what you say.

5. Ask questions

Ask questions that will encourage the person to talk more and elaborate on the matter being discussed. These questions give them the confidence to talk more and improve their impression of you.

6. Pay genuine compliments

People want to feel good about themselves, and one of the fastest ways to achieve this is by actually paying genuine compliments. Compliment their looks, style cloths etc. But remember that it has to be genuine.

Gaining a good first impression couldn’t get easier .