6 key signs it’s time to end your relationship

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 9 February 2017 saa 11:54
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Sometimes we are so deep in love with our partner that we don’t see the relationship is toxic and we need to quit ASAP.

Here are 6 key signs it’s time to end your relationship

1. Physical abuse

Never stay in a relationship in which your partner abuses you physically. It’s wrong to justify the abuse you receive from your partner. Whether it’s the first time or the 29th time, physical abuse shouldn’t be tolerated.

2. Too much drama

A relationship with too much drama isn’t the right relationship for you. If there’s always crisis in your relationship, it’s time for you to walk away and save your energy for someone better. Too much drama in a relationship isn’t good for anyone’s sanity.

3. Your relationship is like a master and slave relationship

If your partner seems to be in more in control and tends to dictate everything that happens in your life, it’s time to quit that relationship. A healthy relationship is between two partners and not between a master and slave.

4. Your partner doesn’t respect you

Respect is an important trait every healthy relationship has. If there’s no mutual respect between you and your partner, even during disagreements, then it’s time to quit that relationship. It’s time to call it quits if respect is lacking in your relationship.

5. Your relationship lacks open communication

In a healthy relationship, partners maintain an open communication between each other. If you don’t feel comfortable talking with your partner about everything, then you are in the wrong relationship and it’s time to quit.

6. Your partner is deceitful

You do yourself more harm than good being in a relationship with a deceitful partner. You should never be in a relationship with someone who withholds information from you, cheats on you or lies to you.