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6 kinds of friends no man needs in his life
Published on 15-07-2016 - at 00:55' by Elcrema

Friends are very important. Infact science has found that people without friends are more likely to die an early death.

Choosing your friends wisely is also important because some friends are just annoying and come with problems.

Here are 6 kinds of friends no man needs in his life

1. The friend who is always broke

We all get broke sometimes but it’s a problem if you are broke all the time. Having a friend who is broke all the time is a no, no. You have your own life to live and you just can’t spend all your time fixing his problems. No man needs a friend who is always broke to buy himself a bottle of beer and expects you to buy him a bottle always.

2. The fiend who tries to sleep without our girlfriend

Some guys are just goats in human skin. Why will my friend want to sleep with my girlfriend? There is no point having a friend I can’t trust with my girlfriend. Guys who go behind you to flirt with your girlfriend aren’t worthy to be called friends.

3. The friend who is always drunk

Getting drunk as teenagers was cool but we can’t continue that lifestyle as adults. No man needs a friend who does nothing with his spare time but drink. While drinking sometimes isn’t bad, we should also use our free time as friends to do something productive.

4. The friend who will never help you out in time of need

A friend who can’t help me out when I am in need shouldn’t be called my friend. Some guys are just annoying. They will prefer to buy you bottles of beer than help you out when you are in need. A friend who is there for you when you are in need is a friend indeed.

5. The friend who gossips

The problem with having a friend who gossips about other people with you is that they will most likely talk about you with others. I always thought gossiping was for ladies but it seems guys are catching up real quick. No man needs a friend who gossips.

6. The friend who never checks on you

I expect my friend to check on me from time to time just as I do same. A friend who never calls me to check on me isn’t considered a friend. Some guys would never call to check on you. The only time they call is probably when they need a favour from you.



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