6 kinds of friends that will take you backward in life

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On 12 April 2017 saa 12:46
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As you get past your teenage age and your early twenties, your friendships should begin to have value and a meaning, unlike your younger days when friendship was mostly for the fun of it.

As you grow older, your friends should be people who will take you forward in life and not backward; just as you ought to make your friend a better person, your friend also should urge you to be better.

Any friendship that doesn’t take you forward will take you backwards.

These are those kinds of friendship you should avoid:

1. The friends who lead you to make bad choices

When you reach adulthood and you still keep friends with people who will lead you to make bad choices, then you’ll definitely make bad choices. How far can you go when you keep making bad choices in life?

2. The friends who make you feel empty

Friends who make you feel bad about yourself, who make you feel less of a person and who are in competition with you aren’t truly your friends, and such friendships will bring you down.

3. The friends that don’t take care about tomorrow

Friends who don’t care about the future, who don’t make plans for the future and who are only interested in the short-term could negatively influence you with their short-term approach to life. While it’s good to live life one day at a time, not having plans for the future, dreams and vision is another thing entirely.

4. The friends who never grow up

There are friends who never grow up; they still think and act like kids and never really try to take control of their life and what’s happening around them. Friends like this can have a negative impact on you if you aren’t careful.

5. The friends who always bring negative energy

There are those friends who never think positively; they are always negative minded and will never see the positive side of anything. Friends like these might influence you with their negative energy, and negativity is a sure path to failure.

6. Friends who aren’t ready to change

Bad communication they say corrupt good manners, and being friends with someone who is unrepentantly lazy, clueless and carries around so many baggage might just influence you in the long run. A friend who isn’t ready to change will be intent on bringing you down to his/her own level – and remember that misery always needs company.

Friends can take you far in life and friends can take you even more than two steps backwards; it’s all about the choices you make.