6 reasons why women love older men

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On 9 August 2016 saa 01:19
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Why do women find older men more attractive? So many guys have asked this question but don’t seem to get the answer.

Below are 6 reasons why women love older men

1. More mature

Women generally tend to mature faster than men within their age bracket. While a younger man is interested in sleeping around and drinking lots of alcohol, the older man is wiser and more mature. Women hate being with immature men and generally don’t have the patience to wait for a boy to grow into a real man.

2. Money matters

Money matters too. When women make relationship decisions, they also consider the financial strength of a man. While the younger man is still trying to climb the ladder and achieve something meaningful in life, the older man is already well established in his career.

3. Got class and not a swag

Younger men might have the swag but the older men seem to have the class and women fall for class and not swag.

4. Knows what a woman wants

The older men also have an advantage over the younger men because they have a better experience of what a woman really wants. Experience counts in the game.The older men are generally more sensitive towards the feelings and needs of a woman.

5. Knows how to take charge

The older man always knows how to take charge when needed and this is something younger men lack. A woman wants to feel secure and protected when with her man and the older man knows how to do this by taking charge when necessary without being overbearing.

6. More knowledgeable in bed

The older man might not have the energy of the younger man in bed but he knows what a woman’s needs are in bed better than the younger man. While most younger men depend just on their stamina in bed, the older takes the woman to greater heights by using the experience gotten over the years.