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6 reasons you should be open to love
Published on 30-11-2016 - at 00:13' by Elcrema

Many people have sealed their heart from loving others and being loved in return because of the hurts and terrible experiences they have had. So many don’t even believe in love, so they stiffen their hearts so they won’t feel vulnerable to it. But that’s not the right way to go about it; you should be open to love, and there are so many good reasons why you should be open to love.

1. You become a better person

Love makes you a better person; you become a better version of yourself when you open up your heart to love someone and to be loved in return, than when you just choose to love only yourself.

2. Locking up your heart from love is a big risk

You never know when you’ll find true love, so locking your heart from love is a huge risk. As risky as opening your heart to love someone might be, it’s not a bad decision. But locking your heart will even make you miss out on finding true love.

3. The feeling of loving someone and being loved in return is worth it

The feeling of loving someone and being loved in return is one of the greatest feelings on earth; that feeling of meaning the world to someone is always worth it.

4. The love you give is the love you receive

If you can’t open your heart to love someone, you might as well not be open to being loved in return; because the love you give is most times the love you receive.

5. Wa are built to love

Humans are built to love; the love nature is within us. We go against our nature when we don’t live in love.

6. Love is always worth

At the end, love is always worth it. No matter the number of times you have been hurt and wounded from love, love is always worth it in the end.

Being open to love is never a bad decision, and if you don’t learn to love, you might be opening your heart to hatred and other negative seeds.



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