6 signs that could suggest he isn’t cheating on you

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On 28 January 2017 saa 03:39
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A lot has been said about men and their cheating ways; but there are also men who don’t cheat on their women, and these men don’t get enough credit that they deserve. The mantra that ‘all men are the same’ seems to have overshadowed the fact that there are many men out there who wouldn’t cheat on their wives.

These are some signs that suggest he’s not cheating on you.

1. He’s always honest

100% honesty and 100% faithfulness go hand in hand. A man that’s never deceitful and that’ll always tell you the truth, will never cheat on you. If he can be that honest to you, then he can as well be that faithful.

2. He’s an open book

When your man is like an open book, then he’d have nothing to hide. With such a man, you’ll easily know his whereabouts, the things he does and everything about him. He has nothing to hide and no tracks to cover.

3. His friendships are open

A man that’s faithful to the core wouldn’t keep compromising friendships, especially with the opposite sex. His friendships are open, and there’s no reason to suggest he’d want to have an affair.

4. He’s still interested in you

Of course, a faithful man will more often than not stick to his woman; he’d still love to do certain things with her and be her number one man.

5. He’s contended

According to a study conducted by Newman, most men cheat not really because they aren’t sexually satisfied, but because they aren’t emotionally satisfied. If he’s emotionally satisfied, then he’d have no cause to stray.

6. He has high moral values

More importantly, a man’s actions are usually as a result of his moral standards and values. If he has high moral values, he wouldn’t see cheating as an option; he wouldn’t even be drawn to it.

There are also men who don’t cheat, and it’s untrue that all men are the same.